Dumaguete is not only known for its beaches and world famous diving spots but also for just simply to RELAX. Here is the list that we think are great places for relaxation with of course a awesome view. Let us know what you think.

5. Dumaguete Belfry Tower


The iconic Dumaguete Belfry, the symbol of Dumaguete. The oldest tower on Negros Island. It was onced used as a watchtower against Moro pirates from Mindanao who would once kidnap local maidens. It now serves as a religious site standing next to the St. Catherine of Alexandria Cathedral.

Why do we think this is a place to relax? If you are a religious type, you can offer your prayers here right next to the grotto where candle stands are also available. If you are not, then the place also has a small park with benches, where you can read your favorite book or enjoy refreshments from the establishments nearby.


4. St. Catherine of Alexandria Cathedral


The oldest stone church on Negros Island. It is also home of the Diocese of Dumaguete. This place is more for the religious one. Standing next to the Belfry Tower, here you can meditate and offer prayers. Regular scheduled daily masses are also available in either English or Cebuano (see Dumaguete Cathedral Mass Schedule).

You can also visit the Quezon Park right across the Church and enjoy some good back massage.

3. Silliman University


Silliman University the premier educational institution in Dumaguete. This 60+ hectare campus is the oldest American established university in Asia. You may think that this university is closed to the public but it is not.

We suggest you to visit the Anthropology Museum inside Silliman Hall where you can view priceless collections of ethnographic artifacts of archaeological artifacts which date back as early as 200 BC. (See More: Silliman Anthropology Museum).

Other places you can visit inside the SIlliman Campus is the Robert B. & Metta J. Silliman Library, one of the largest libraries in the Philippines. Watch cultural performances of in the Luce Auditorium. Or simply sit down an chat at the Amphitheater facing the beautiful Silliman Church. For more information visit the Silliman University Website.


2. Rizal Boulevard


The Rizal Boulevard, or simply Boulevard, may be considered the entertainment hub of Dumaguete. Lots of restaurant and bars are available to choose from. You can walk, run, or you can simply relax and sit down and enjoy the view of the Bohol Sea.


1. Tierra Alta Clubhouse


Our favorite place is Tierra Alta in Valencia. Okay this is not in Dumaguete but hey it is just a view meters from the city border. Tierra Alta has a great overlooking view of Dumaguete City and the Bohol Sea. We suggest you climb up the lighthouse to even get a better view. This greek inspired clubhouse also has a restaurant, swimming pool, and even a zip line.

Do you have any top list to share? Email us at info@mydumaguete.info.