Silliman University is considered as one of the oldest educational institutions not only in the Philippines but also in Asia, The university is known for its humble beginnings and dark history of World War II. The campus was once in the center of the war. The Japanese used the campus as their military headquarters in the region. This may be the reason why the presence of the spirits is still felt as of this day.

The Mission Hospital

The Katipunan Hall, currently occupied by the College of Education, College of Arts and Sciences, and the School of Public Affairs. This building was once a Mission Hospital before moving to the current Silliman University Medical Center.
If you ever had your classes near the AH building just below the College of Education, you might be very well aware that these classrooms were once used as the hospital’s Morgue. Some pipes are still visible to this day. Stories of high-pitched screams of sick people in the middle of the night are reportedly heard by some dormers and roaming security guards. There are also stories of blood dripping from the wall and ceiling which used to be the operating room.

The Majestic Acacia Tree

Silliman is very well known for its acacia trees that shade the grounds of the campus with over 300 acacia trees sprawling around the campus. But there is once acacia tree that stands out. This acacia tree has perfect symmetrical branches, considered sometimes as too perfect.
Old stories tell that during World War II, when the Japanese controlled the campus, the nearby Channon Hall was used as a chamber to torture both American and Filipino soldiers and prisoners of war and were then later hanged at the nearby acacia tree. The bodies were sometimes left hanging for several days. The weight of the bodies gave the tree its symmetrical shape. Dormers normally avoid this tree at night time as some have heard cries for help which is believed to be coming from the hanged soldiers.

The Ghost Orchestra of Guy Hall

The famous Guy Hall once housed the College of Performing Arts and the School of Mass Communication. Some writers of The Weekly Sillimanian (Whose office was also located in the same building) were writing past 8 in the evening for the next weekly publication when they have heard loud footsteps coming from the stairs. The stairs were empty upon checking. The door going to the second floor has closed and locked. Seeing nothing they have decided to return to their usual writing despite being scared as they have to meet their deadline. Suddenly, a band started playing the instruments which come from the Band practice room located on the upper floor. Confused and scared, the writers called security to check as the door going to the upper floors is closed and locked. The music has stopped upon the arrival of the security guards and they have immediately checked the rooms and no one was there to be found.
Some students later have also reported to seeing a pale skinned lady going down the stairs which might explain the loud footstep noise.

The Beauty Queen of Larena Hall

Similar to the Ghost of Guy Hall, reports of loud footsteps coming from the corridor similar to that of a woman wearing stilettos. The lady is believed to have once lived in the dormitory who dreamt of becoming Miss Silliman. She was once chosen to represent her college and prepared her high-heeled walk going up and down the dormitories’ corridors. Unfortunately, she didn’t win the crown and became so depressed that she took her own life. It seems that she is still eager to win the crown even in her afterlife.
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