Siquijor, nicknamed as “Isla del Fuego” or “Mystic Island of Magic and Fire”, is the smaller sibling of Negros. It was once part of Negros Oriental and designated as a sub-province. Siquijor is known for its white sand beaches and supernatural healing. Other natural attractions include the Cambugahay FallsCapilay Spring, Lazi Convent, Old Balete Tree, Salagdoong Beach, and many more. This article will guide you on the Dumaguete to Siquijor boat schedule.
Dumaguete is your main gateway to the Island of Siquijor. There are several ways to get to the island, either by Sea or Air (who knew that?). Here are the most popular ferries that will get you to the island.


Dumaguete to Siquijor Boat Schedule

OceanJet Schedule (ETD —> ETA):

    1310 HRS (1:10 PM) —> 1400 HRS (2:00 PM)
        Open Air / Tourist Class: Php 230.00
        Business Class: Php 360.00

Montenegro Lines Schedule (ETD —> ETA):

    0700 HRS (07:00 AM) —> 0830 HRS (08:30 AM)
    1030 HRS (10:30 AM) —> 1200 HRS (12:00 PM)
    1400 HRS (02:00 PM) —> 1530 HRS (03:30 PM)
        Dumaguete to Siquijor, Siquijor: Php 130.00
        Dumaguete to Larena, Siquijor: Php 170.00
        (Note: Make sure you double check your destination at the ticketing office at the Dumaguete Port)


Aleson Shipping Lines  (ETD —> ETA):

    0830 HRS (08:30 AM) —> 1000 HRS (10:00 AM)
    1030 HRS (10:30 AM) —> 1200 HRS (12:00 PM)
    1530 HRS (03:30 PM) —> 1700 HRS (05:00 PM)
    1800 HRS (06:00 PM) —> 1930 HRS (07:30 PM)
        Regular: Php 120.00

Jaylan Shipping

    Please check directly at the ticketing office at the Dumaguete Port.
Always make sure to check your return trip schedule at the Dumaguete Port as schedule may change without prior notice.

Some additional tips:

  • Arrive early at Dumaguete Port, queue could get quite long.
  • Don’t fall for the fully-booked scam. Check directly with the shipping company.
  • Rent a Motorcycle once your on the island. You get to see more of what the island has to offer. Just make sure you have your driver’s license with you.
  • Check with your Hotel if they offer you free shuttle service
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