Dumaguete City, nicknamed by Dr. Jose Rizal as “The City of Gentle People“, is the capital city of the province of Negros Oriental in the Philippines. It is the center of business and commerce in the province, a major shipping port, and an education hub in southern Philippines. It has a population of more than 130,000 with a density of 3,900 people per square kilometer. Day time population is estimated to rise to more or less 500,000 people due to business, education, leisure, and shopping.
It has become a major travel destination in the Philippines and was titled by Forbes Magazine as on of the best places to retire. Making it a cosmopolitan city with large  foreign tourists and retirees due to very affordable travel expenses and low cost of living. Dumaguete is one of the Next Wave Cities in the Philippines with Business Processing Outsourcing companies spreading throughout the city.

History and Etymology

Legend has it that Dumaguete got its name from the Cebuano word “dagit”, which translates to “to snatch”. The word dumaguet, meaning “to swoop”, was used due to the frequent and quick raids of Moro pirates from the neighboring island of Mindanao (south of Dumaguete). These pirates attacked the town’s coastal communities and enslaved local maidens. The Belfry Tower was once used as a watchtower and alarmed locals against the invading pirates. In 1572, Diego Lopez Povedano referred the place as “Dananguet”, but it was cartographer Pedro Murillo Velarde who used its present name “Dumaguete” in 1734. The word dumaguet is still very much observed in this modern age. The place attracts foreign visitors and keeps visitors for good in one fell swoop.

Getting To and Around Dumaguete

Dumaguete is geographically located in central Philippines. Airlines such as Philippines Airlines and Cebu Pacific Air together provide daily flights to and from Manila, Cebu, Davao, and Cagayan de Oro. Local transportation within the city are Tricycles or locally called “Pedicabs” while land transportation is mostly serviced by Ceres Liner or the local jeepneysmulticabs. The city also serves a major sea port servicing passengers and cargo to multiple ports in the Philippines.

Political Subdivisions / Barangays

Dumaguete composes of 30 barangays all of which are classified urban. The largest barangay is Taclobo while the smallest is Barangay 4.
  • Bagacay
  • Bajumpandan
  • Balugo
  • Banilad
  • Bantayan
  • Barangay 1 (Tinago)
  • Barangay 2 (Upper Lukewright)
  • Barangay 3 (Downtown)
  • Barangay 4 
  • Barangay 5 (Silliman)
  • Barangay 6 (Cambagroy)
  • Barangay 7 (Mangga)
  • Barangay 8 (Cervantes Extension)
  • Batinguel
  • Buñao
  • Cadawinonan
  • Calindagan
  • Camanjac
  • Candau-ay
  • Cantil-e
  • Daro
  • Junob
  • Looc
  • Mangnao-Canal
  • Motong
  • Piapi
  • Pulantubig
  • Tabuc-tubig
  • Taclobo
  • Talay

Local Government of Dumaguete City

Felipe Antonio B. Remollo
Mayor: Felipe Antonio “Ipe” B. Remollo

Franklin D. Esmeña, Jr.
Vice Mayor:
Franklin D. Esmeña, Jr.

City Counsil / Sangguniang Panlungsod:

  1. Esmeña, Frankin
  2. Cordova, Alan Gel
  3. Tolentino, Karissa Faye
  4. Perdices, Agustin Miguel
  5. Alviola, Estanislao
  6. Imbo, Jose Victor
  7. Arbas, Joe Kenneth
  8. Ramon, Lilani
  9. Bandal, Michael
  10. Arbon, Manuel
  11. Sagarbarria, Manuel
  12. Banogon, Lionel