Apo Island is located in the Municipality of Dauin, Negros Oriental, Philippines. The island can easily be accessed via public transportation from Dumaguete City. Although located in Dauin, the jump-off point is at the Malatapay Market in Zamboanguita.

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This 74-hectare island is home to over 650 fish species and 400 corals. No wonder it is a scuba diver’s haven.


1. Swimming with the Pawikan

Located at the northern tip of the arrival beach. Be sure to register at the beach front. They also have snorkeling equipment for rent in case you haven’t brought any. Remember do not touch the turtles.


2. Snorkeling at the Marine Sanctuary


Located at the other side of the island just a 5 min trail walk. Be sure you have a guide with you as entering the sanctuary without a guide is prohibited. Reminder: Do not step on the corals. Hefty fines will be imposed for violators.

3. Climbing up the Lighthouse


Located at the peak of Apo Island. Steep concrete stairs lead you the way to the top. The trek will take you an approximate of 40 minutes. The view up there is worth the effort.

4. Taking a dip at the beach


Simply enjoy swimming in crystal clear waters with white coarse sand. Just be extra careful of the pump boats and sharp rocks and corals.Extra tip: swim near the rock formation going to Apo Island Beach Resort for extra shade from the Sun.


5. Go scuba diving

This is what Apo Island is known for. A Divers Paradise with multiple dive sites to choose from. Make sure to book with accredited dive shop.

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